What is Reiki?


Reiki, pronounced Ray-Key, is a holistic healing system using energy.
The energy that is used is not a persons own but is in fact a
universal energy which surrounds all objects and living things. This
energy is then channeled through a Reiki practitioners hands and into
the recipient during a non intrusive hands on healing session. In
order to channel Reiki energy, you need to be attuned to it, which
can only be done by a Reiki master. This is a kind of spiritual
ritual which uses sacred knowledge passed down from Dr Usui, who
rediscovered this ancient art in the early 1900's. Once attuned to
this energy, a person can channel Reiki at will, to heal all kinds of
mental, emotional and physical ailments. A Reiki practitioner can
also send energy through time and space to heal others, or even to a
past situation which is causing ill effect in the present time.
A Reiki practitioner cannot claim that they are performing miracles,
or that they themselves are doing the healing. They are simply acting
as a conduit for the energy. Universal energy is classed as an
intelligent energy, and simply knows where it needs to go during a
healing session. The practitioner simply places his hands in a non-
intrusive manner on a fully clothed recipient, and allows the energy
to flow through the hands to where it needs to be.
People often feel a warm or cold sensation during a healing session,
and can sometimes see colours and feel extremely relaxed. It can also
be common for people to shed tears during a healing session. This is
because the energy can heal emotional issues which in turn can bring
these emotions to the surface in order for them to be released. Most
people experience their best nights sleep after a healing session.
Most ailments can be treated through Reiki, such as anxiety (panic
attacks), aches, pains, migraines and even more serious ailments. It
is often best to have multiple healing sessions for more severe
ailments. Each session can last anywhere between 20 - 60 minutes. A
full healing session would take approximately 50 - 60 minutes and
would cover all areas of the body, which takes the practitioner
through a number of different hand positions. Each hand position
lasts for about 3 - 5